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Guardians Player Information

  • Races: the available races to play, and their relevant information in the world.
  • Classes: the available classes to play.
  • House Rules
  • Caelum, a guide to the world.

Dramatis Personae

Caelum has no shortage of adventurous souls, but only a few will stand above the rest as true heroes.

Trent Nixon
Kimbatuul Belthazaar
Bilba Oakenshield

Other characters of note include:


The World


Homework Benefits

Total: Matt:4 Steve:4 Ronny:3Holly:12 Libby:10
Homework sept 19

Homework Oct 10

Homework Nov 14

Homework Dec 12

Homework Jan 2

Homework Jan 9

Homework Jan 16

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Homework Feb 13

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