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    h3. Guardians Player Information * [[Races]]: the available races to play, and their relevant information in the world. * [[Classes]]: the available classes to play. * [[House Rules]] * [[Caelum]], a guide to the world. Dramatis Personae …

  • Homework sept 19

    *Give me a back story!* Where did you come from? What brought you to be an adventurer? Who hurt you? Make it at least a page in length, and include which city benefit you want. Matt Steve Ronny Holly *Bring in your own miniature!* There are companies …

  • Homework Benefits

    Each time you complete a homework, you get a mark. These marks represent a supernatural luck or skill, allowing you to surpass your limits and get you through the most grueling of challenges. It takes no action to spend them, but some may have a limit of …

  • Summer Island

    _The Endless Summer awaits you._ Government type: Unknown Little is known about the paradise known as the Summer Island, but there are rumors aplenty about it. Winter never touches it. The sun never sets. Anyone you meet that's been there will tell …

  • The archipelago of the Council

    The three frozen wastes above the City of Arkhosia belong to that empire, and they occasionally use them for private meetings and the like. They are very adamant about non-Dragonborn staying clear.

  • Peoples, Great and Small

    [[People of Arkhosia]] [[People of Bael Turath]] [[People of The Citadel]] [[People of City of Wind]] [[People of The Iron Empire]] [[People of Kadatheron]] [[People of Kelador]] [[People of Port Wine]] [[People of Vendaril]] [[People of Zindark …

  • Homework Oct 10

    *Fill in a slot on the obsidian portal wiki for your character* (under the Dramatis Personae section) there's a character template you can use, but you don't have to follow it. Matt Steve Holly Ronny Libby *Add a picture for your character~!* Matt …

  • Homework Dec 12

    *make a magic card for your character!* an old favorite of mine, there are several programs you can find that can make these for you, or ask one of the other players for help! I'll be making an album (and some cards on my own) soon. Matt Ronny Libby …

  • Homework Jan 2

    *Add a wiki page for an NPC!* use the wiki template I gave out, if you don't know, making stuff up is fine, have fun with it :) Steve Matt

  • Homework Jan 16

    *Create a map of Caelum!* I don't need 5 copies, so if one person does it everyone will get credit! this'll be worth 2 points if its larger than a standard piece of paper. *Help Libby's mom move!* Thanks for the help~! Libby Ronny Matt

  • Homework Feb 6

    *What do you think?* tell me what you think is going to happen, either in the short term, or the long. Tell me your conspiracies, I want them all! Matt Steve Holly Ronny

  • Homework Feb 13

    *I freaking love happy endings jk!* Write a short story about your character, that ends happily! Steve Ronny Holly

  • homework 9

    homework! tell me what you think is going to happen, either in the short term, or the long. Tell me your conspiracies, I want them all! ronny matt steve holly

  • Homework 10

    Homework episode II:the constructors need my mother in law to get everything out of the upstairs, there isn't a lot, but whoever helps gets a point! Matt Steve Ronny Libby Holly

  • Homework 11

    You'll soon be getting a stronghold, tell me what kind of cool things you want in it! matt steve ronny holly libby

  • Homework 12

    Homework! Make me a desigh of your stronghold~! it can be via any means, hand drawn, minecraft, whatever~!

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