Kimbatuul Belthazaar

Character Race: Dragonborn

Character Class: Ranger


“I’ts better to have an Elf as an enemy than a friend. A dagger is much easier to block from the front.”

Belthazaar Stands a good 6’ 6", and has the bulk that matches. He has gray scales and gray eyes. He also has two horns on his head. He often wears his armor everywhere he goes. He moves with soft steps, despite his size, and he often glances at the dark corners, keeping an eye and ear out for what doesn’t want to be found. Belthazaar is a bit arrogant with his strengths, often overlooking his weaknesses, and tries to use what he’s good at (which usually involves violence) to solve problems, even if there is a better way to do it.


Belthazaar is a Dragonborn who was born in Vendaril, the son of ambassadors. After the disappearance of his brother and murder of his parents, he sought refuge with the only remaining Elf he could trust named Alethea. He lived with her in a small dwelling high in the trees outside the city until he was old enough to venture out on his own. He started his journey towards Arkosia, to find the answers he couldn’t find in Vendaril.

Theme song: Skyrim Dragon Battle Music

Kimbatuul Belthazaar

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