Character Race: Tiefling
Character Class: Sorcerer
Character Titles: The Song of Fire and Thunder


“Live! There is no future or past, just what one can make from the present!”

Tariel stands just over six feet, with red skin that shimmers a bronze tone in the light. His two ram like horns are close to black, and spiral in on themselves. His hair is a dark blue, that seems black in all but sunlight. He has golden eyes and a toned, thin figure. He typically wears fine cloths of silk, though no armor, and a crossbow & quiver at his side.

Tariel tends to be light hearted, often telling jokes. He walks with his head held high and takes wide strides. He endulges in pleasures whenever he can, and makes efforts to keep those around him at ease. He is adept at lightning and fire magic, and has a habit lighting small fires in his palms to draw attention to himself.


Tariel was raised in the forests of Venadril. He was adopted by an elf druid after being abandoned in the forest by a large bronze dragon. The druid raised and trained him as a hunter, and suppressed his tremendous magical powers. When Tariel came of age, she released his magic and sent him from her forest, to go out into the world and find a life for himself.
He spent several years as a wanderer, spending most of his time traveling around Kadatheron, Zindark and Kelador. He used his skill as a hunter to make do in bad conditions, but found himself drawn to the finer things, and indulged and squandered what he earned when he found himself in good luck. He continued his adventure like this for some time, taking life as it comes.

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Theme song: A Song of Storm and Fire


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