Trent Nixon

Character Race: Human

Character Class: Monk

Character Titles: Walker of the path of enlightenment

Theme Song:


“I have opted to walk a simple but rewarding path. I want for nothing for myself and it makes me complete.”

Trent is a lean, well built, darker skinned man who’s generally seen wearing simple, worn out traveling clothing. Rough hands and feet denote the large amount of traveling that he has done and the rough life he has lived. He keeps very few possessions and generally speaking has only the contents of his traveling bag and the clothes on his back as worldly possessions. He seemingly appears solemn and grim, but those that know him well understand that he is more at peace than the serious facade he keeps up.


“The people of Zindark deserve better. We have faced hardship before, we can over come this.”

Trent was one of many children born to a very poor family that struggled to get by in the rural country side of Zindark. Being on of the middle children, Trent spent most of his life the back noise of the large family. His older siblings all joined the military when they came of age and he did too when he was old enough. His three older brothers all disappeared during their service and Trent was worried that soon as similar fate would befall him.

Trent enlisted around the time that the drought that was hitting his country was at it’s peak and talk about invading the near by country of Kelador came up over and over again. Trent and his family had always had it rough, so he was against the invasion, knowing that the people of Zindark would be able to get through it without needing to take up arms. The drought drove the people of Zindark to war and Trent and his unit were shipped off to Kelador.

Trent left his family behind, his mother, his father and his three younger siblings ( two sisters and a brother) and his unit was one of the first to cross over to Kelador territory. Although they were ready for a fight, when they got there they were greeted with a peace offering. Trent was so mystified by the lush landscape of Kelador and it’s peacefulness of it’s people that the crushing guilt of being part of the invading army compounded his already large distrust for the Zindark military.

Shortly into the occupation of Kelador, Trent heard strange rumors of odd occurrences through the military and old fears and suspicions he had about the military resurfaced. After a fateful encounter with a monk from Kelador, Trent resigned from the military and fled with the monk into the country side of Kelador.

While traveling with the Monk, Master Irwin, Trent came to understand the philosophy of inner enlightenment and the concept of a greater good through peace. Not so much a religion as a personal dogma, Trent focus on helping those in need without expecting compensation. Irwin tutored him in the martial arts of the monk order and while traveling the country side of Kelador, Trent came to better appreciate the nation and it’s people.

Master Irwin trained Trent for a time and then decided it was time for Trent to spend some time walking the path of enlightenment on his own. Trent went the capital of Kelador to find work as an adventurer, to continue severing his concept of a ‘greater good’. When he returned to civilization, he found out that old member of his unit were still enlisted in the Zindark military and he had a letter from his family back home.

While he had been traveling the country side with Master Irwin, his family has learned of his resignation from the army and had disowned him, calling him a traitor to his country and family. Saddened by the news, Trent redoubled his efforts in helping those in need, torn between a sense of responsibility to his home nation and the guilt he feels in seeing what Zindark is doing to Kelador.

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Trent Nixon

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