Bilba Oakenshield

Character Race: Lightfoot Halfling

Character Class: Rogue


“I’m not short! I’m travel size for your convenience”

Bilba is 3’ 9" with long blackish redish curly hair. She doesn’t wear shoes


Bilba Is a couple years shy of her name day celebration. Her father is forcing her to marry a fat rich hobbit name Gaskin. Bilba was let to travel the world before having to be a “good wife”. Turns out the world has much to give Bilba. Portwine is where she has made her own little hole in the world, a two bedroom, one bath, full stock of good food hole. The wanted fighter post is how she makes her living with the skills she has study and knowledge from the monsters she watched and learned. Little does her father know she will never come back.

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Theme song: Feral Hearts

Bilba Oakenshield

Guardians; D&D 5th Edition snosrep