Character Race: Dragon

Character Class: Does it matter?


“Looks like dinner wandered onto my island.”

Dagothimvaernarho Is a dragon of immense size, far larger than any dragon should be able to grow. He lives on the island of **********, and doesn’t take kindly to visitors, often using them as a snack instead. He doesn’t concern himself with the affairs of the people of the world. They are, for the most part, inconsequential to him. Though a world event of a large enough magnitude might peek his interest enough to get some exercise.


Dagothimvaernarho is very old; his origins have been lost to history. There are many legends, myths, and rumors about him. It’s impossible to tell which ones are true tales and which ones came from the clever imagination of a bard long since dead. It would be ill advised to ask him in person though.

Theme song: Trogdoor The Burninator


Guardians; D&D 5th Edition snosrep