Homework Benefits

Each time you complete a homework, you get a mark. These marks represent a supernatural luck or skill, allowing you to surpass your limits and get you through the most grueling of challenges. It takes no action to spend them, but some may have a limit of when they can be spent.

1 mark

-Regain half of your max hp, you must be awake and it be your turn.
-Regain up to 3 spell slots
-Gain +5 to a skill check outside of combat, this can be done after the die is rolled, but before the DM confirms the result.

3 marks

-Negate the damage of an attack, to a max of your total hit points.
-You gain advantage on everything you do for a turn.
_Increase your AC and your saves by +1 for the encounter.

5 marks

-Gain a magical item of your choice of your level or lower. You must be out of combat.
-You, or an ally of your choice, Gain the benefit as if you had taken a long rest. This cannot be done in combat.
-travel between any of the portals of the City of Winds for free, regardless of political climate of criminal status. You can take the party with you.

10 marks

-Revive yourself, or any party member regardless of situation. If the target is in a place that would IMMEDIATELY kill them (such as under a landslide) they will be teleported to safety.
-Receive a personalized item of epic proportions, must be requested between sessions.
-Ask the DM any question. If he refuses to answer, no points are spent.
-Permanently increase two different stats by 2.

Homework Benefits

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